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Media Release: Bridge Art Project

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

A grant worth $4.95 million is on its way to the Bridge Art Project (BAP) to kick start the building of an art gallery in Meninya St in Moama.

The money comes via the NSW Regional Tourism Activation Grant Program. It will allow BAP to proceed with detailed design work and subsequent building to create a new tourism destination for Echuca Moama. It will also act as a community hub for creative arts and cultural diversity.

"This grant is testimony to more than 10 years of hard work by a dedicated group of committee members and friends, to realise a dream of a nationally significant precinct for contemporary art and artists, as well as a community meeting place”, said BAP Chairperson Allison O’Brien. “It represents the first and most important stage in a monumental plan that will see the addition of an elevated walkway from the gallery through 17 hectares of bushland to the Murray River, at a point adjacent to the landing of the new bridge and visible across the river from Echuca”.

Founding Chairman and originator of the project, Barry Donchi, reflected on the journey, saying, “It started with an idea to create a precinct that sought to depict, through contemporary art, the history of humankind’s presence in Australia. It will, of course, have a significant focus on First Nations art and culture. We know that’s a big vision, but we love a challenge!”

BAP Secretary Lynne Gillard paid tribute to the persistence and generosity of a group of committee members who contributed to the purchase of the Meninya St property on which the gallery will be built. Lynne also acknowledged the support of the Moama Bowling Club whose faith in the project has never wavered, and the many local business who have provided pro-bono support. Particular thanks go to Tender Right, Planright, and Brandrick Architects for their roles with this important step.

“We now enter the very exciting phase of getting the gallery built,” said Allison O’Brien. “We have the job of refining a design that will do justice to the site and the vision. And we will have to source some additional funds to supplement the grant money we have just received.

“This grant is a landmark event in our journey towards achieving that vision.”


Allison O’Brien - Chairperson - 0412 673 863

Jacqui Berthaume - Communications - 0416 189 215

Lynne Gillard – Secretary - 0411 412 440

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