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Gallery Planning

Updated: May 5, 2023

You may recall that Brandrick Architects developed a concept plan for the art gallery which was submitted in 2021 for a Regional Tourism Activation Grant. We were not successful in 2021, but resubmitted in 2022 and this time were winners! The devastating October, November, December 2022 floods affected our block and a gallery redesign was needed. After an expression of interest process, Brandrick Architects were selected to redesign the gallery. This is underway. Our hope is to have the Development Application for the new building lodged with Murray River Council in May 2023. Securing consultants to provide the necessary reports on Bushfire, Geotech, Traffic, Environment etc has been challenging. These consultants are booked up weeks and months ahead. Meanwhile other important steps are taking place. The old building will be demolished by Maccas Demolition starting on 8 May. Keep well clear! We will be sorry to see Ash Keating’s eye-catching artwork disappear.

Our neighbours, Ros and Bill Main have provided an additional 5m of frontage on Meninya St for No. 74 as well as a right of way through their property to the rear to allow us to take the planned walkway from the finished gallery all the way to the Murray River. We have been keeping Planright busy with multiple associated planning activities. Thanks so much for their very essential contributions. Neighbours Sean Slattery and Matt Dobeli and partners of Echuca Moama Physiotherapy have also been terrifically helpful as have Moama Bakery’s Jacqui and Dave Wegner as we try to address all the Council’s building requirements. Our sincere thanks to them all.


Allison O’Brien - Chairperson - 0412 673 863

Jacqui Berthaume - Communications - 0416 189 215

Lynne Gillard – Secretary - 0411 412 440

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